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Forum rules
Posting Rules
1. No Flaming
Flaming/ Trolling = insulting another member. Attempting to start "drama" will not be tolerated.

2. No Illegal Discussions/Downloads
No links to illegal downloads or copyrighted materials are permitted. This includes, movies, books, software,etc. Do not attempt to sell these products or post links to where this can be done.

3. No Alternate Accounts/ Circumventing Bans
IP's are provided to us once you have posted. Attempting to do this will result in a ban. There will be NO WARNINGS.

4. No Impersonation
Impersonation means trying to be someone else.

5. Asking to be staff
Please to not request to be added to the magAMedia staff. If we'd like to bring you on board, we will contact YOU. Do not attempt to "self moderate" the forum.

6. Our Content on your Site
If we find you have copied anything from this forum onto your site without providing the proper credit/link, we will ask you to remove it. If you don't, we will ban your IP address from this forum.

7. Spam
Please keep Spam to a minimum. Spam consists of posts such as "ok" and "lol". To not be considered spam, your post must be longer than 5 characters. Please do not promote your website or your store. This also includes other sites that are not sponsors of magAMedia. If you'd like to do that, contact an Admin and we will see about allowing you to promote here. Flooding members PM boxes with spam is also not tolerated. Posting links containing malware will get you banned.

8. Similar Threads
Before creating a new topic/thread, take a look around and see if a similar topic already exists. Use the search function. Please make all posts in the correct forum.

9. All Private Conversations are to be Kept Private
Anyone posting conversations that were done via PM or IM will be warned. These conversations are private for a reason. This can also be considered "baiting" by posting a conversation with the goal of starting something.

10. Moderator Impersonation
Only admins may post in RED. Don't pretend to be an admin if you're not. You will be banned.

11. Content/Pictures
Nude pictures, pornography, excessive gore, Rape, etc. or links to like material are NOT ALLOWED. Any graphic content or offensive material is NOT ALLOWED.

13. Calling out/treatment of Staff Members
Will do nothing but get you in trouble. If you have an issue with a staff member, take it to PM, but keep it respectful. There is to be NO discussion on any action a mod or admin takes, this includes posting about someone getting banned. Members are not allowed to post messages from banned or suspended members.

14. Language
This is not too much of a problem, talk how you want, but please do not overdo the swearing. If this gets out of hand, censors will be added to block out swear words.

As a member of this community, it is understood that you have read and agreed to these rules. Please remember that these are put in place to help keep magAMedia fun for you, the members. Yes, we're a bit laid back. But we do ask that everyone act cool, and that you take one second to think about something before you post it.

Have fun,
~@LazyMeatball, & @smalltownandrew
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