Venezuela and the CIA?

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Venezuela and the CIA?

Post by admin » Wed May 01, 2019 2:40 am

Fantastic article posted by @VoteMcGonigle 3 months ago on

Full article here:

Venezuela, and the CIA?


We’ve all heard the horror stories coming out of Venezuela. People starving while the vision of a Bernie Sanders Utopian Socialist government robs the country of its wealth. Kids eating zoo animals and rats as President Nicolas Maduro has a full buffet spread nightly. It’s then, after hearing those stories and seeing those pictures, you scream “Why aren’t we doing anything?!?!”.

Well, we are. Kind of.

As we keep our trophy as the #1 world police, there are many options we have at our disposal. All out war, which is extremely profitable, but weighs deeply on the public when we take casualties. Dead Americans are bad for politics for anyone in the current administration.

Diplomacy. This rarely works, and when it does, it’s just a band-aid for a short time. Soon after declarations are made, the country goes back to robbing and killing.

The option I believe we are taking is a good, old fashioned, CIA backed coup. This is the cheapest route, and the American people will never know until the documents are declassified. Usually not until everyone involved has died. Great for politics!

The first step for the CIA is to determine if a coup attempt is likely, or even possible. Well guess what? There’s an app for that. OK OK, there’s no app. But in 1986, a CIA report outlined “likely foreign targets”, and how they got to their conclusion. This created the outline that I assume is still used today.


As you can see under the “Comparative Weights of Military Coup Indicators”, there are 3 groups with high, medium, and low indicators. Venezuela has hit almost all bullets in the high column.

The second thing the CIA needs is the president’s approval. Let’s see if President Trump is going to be on board with this…

Yup. He’s on board.

Thirdly, the CIA needs a plan. This can be anything from dropping pamphlets, training freedom fighters, gun running, an assisted military coup, to an all-out assassination attempt. Although according to the CIA, the US hasn’t pulled the trigger ourselves, ever. What we do, is make the killing of a world leader possible for others. Just ask the first ever elected Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of the Republic of Congo.

Oh yeah. You can’t. Because we had him killed.






This time around, we see some of the same tactics, but we also see some new. A “Hybrid Coup” if you will.

President Trump has already named an interim successor to Maduro. Mr. Juan Guaido, President of the National Assembly.


Guaido is as much a Socialist as Maduro, so this is very confusing to Americans. Why replace evil with evil?

Because it’s in their Constitution.

Article 233 of the Constitution of Venezuela provides that, “in the event of a vacancy in the office of president, the president of the national assembly shall take charge of the presidency of the republic on an interim basis, until a new presidential election is held.”

This is also a deception play for the people. There is no vacancy. Maduro still holds the office. But lying for the US is OK if it’s approved, and yes, there’s an app for that too.

In 1980 the National Deception Operations committee was created by the CIA. This gives ANY government agency the ability to lie like a dog, if it is approved by the Coordination Committee. That committee is comprised of the Chairman for National Security Affairs, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, and the Director of Central Intelligence.


What the lie does is create doubt and frustration. Doubt for the people, but more effectively, doubt for the military. What are we fighting for if the person telling us what to do is no longer president? This leads to a military coup, and it’s already begun.

Just today (1/26/19) a video was released of Colonel Jose Luis Silva asking his fellow men at arms to join him in denouncing Maduro and recognizing Guaido as the rightful president.

Now, we move on to the fun stuff. Everything is in motion. The CIA will lie to, train, and aid the Venezuelan people and military until what we want to accomplish is complete. Have all coups been a success? No. We have our fair share of failures, but I’ll be damned if any other nation on the planet can lie, cheat, steal, and kill like we do.

All views contained in this article are that of Dean McGonigle and do not reflect on or any other employer. Dean is a businessman, conservative activist, and ex-Congressional Candidate in Nevada.
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