California Sells Sex to 6 Year Olds

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California Sells Sex to 6 Year Olds

Post by admin » Thu May 09, 2019 7:23 pm

California teaches 15 genders to 6 year olds,
introduces them to LGBTQ, transgender...

Sexualizing children is abuse.
They teach older kids pedophilia is a-okay,how to get an abortion

Ranked 44/50 in academic excellence.
They need to teach, NOT preach! ... year-olds/

Gender Identity, transgender, gender Queer, LGBTQ, these are some words kindergarteners are learning in California. Instead of focusing on reading, writing, and arithmetic, which they should be doing, considering they have some of the worst schools around (ranked 44 out of 50 states in education quality), they’re teaching kids as young as 6 that there are 15 genders.

First, the 2011 passage of SB 48, the FAIR Act (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful Education Act), mandates that students as young as kindergarten be taught about LGBT issues. In addition, the 2015 passage of AB 329, the California Healthy Youth Act, also expanded sex ed topics to include instruction on gender identity and gender expression, while also promoting the use of contraception, emergency contraception like “Plan B,” and abortion.

Parents have met this curriculum with opposition, and rightly so. They can protest all they want, but that’s not going to change anything unfortunately.

“I don’t know why we feel the need to sexualize our kids,” said Becky Angel, who described herself as a parent and concerned citizen, at a meeting in May. “They should be learning about reading and writing and spelling and history and all that stuff, not learning how to use sex toys.”

There would be no opt-out option for parents.
One recommended book in the guidelines tells the story of a boy who wants to be a princess. Another recommended book teaches students there are at least 15 genders. That same book also tells children it’s impossible to know if a baby is a boy or a girl.

Details about the guidelines were first reported by Brenda Lebsack at She is a member of the Orange Unified School District board of education in Orange County.
“While students may not fully understand the concepts of gender expression and identity,” the guidelines state, “some children in kindergarten and even younger have identified as transgender or understand they have a gender identity that is different from their sex assigned at birth. This may present itself in different ways including dress, activity preferences, experimenting with dramatic play, and feeling uncomfortable self-identifying with their sex assigned at birth.”

Once again Liberals are using emotion to drown out facts and science.

I don’t relate to parents that say their child has no gender, that refuse to buy their daughters pink dresses, and wrap their little boys in blue, give their daughters dolls to play with, and transformers for their little boys.

It’s easy to tell…

I don’t agree that a child who has not yet hit puberty knows they are not “assigned” the right sex. Giving sex hormones to a young child to help them transition is absolute child abuse and should be abolished, not normalized. A lot happens to the body and mind when we mature. Personally, I wasn’t interested in boys until my Junior year in High School, and had girl-crushes on every famous actress around.

Does that mean I was a lesbian? Or a boy in the wrong body? No…just means I was a “late bloomer.” I didn’t experience the boy crazy phase like most girls do, until later in my teens.

If I had been taught about this sort of thing when I was quite young, I may have bought into the whole idea that maybe I just didn’t like boys…I might have asked to transition. I might be a man today, although a very short man with hardly any muscles lol. Pathetic man for sure…

Transition hormones are not reversible. Once a kid starts taking them, they are locked in. They become sterile. Is it really fair for a parent to allow their child to go through something like that? What happens if later on in life they decide they made a mistake, what if they want kids? It’s too late. No going back…

At least wait until the age of 18, where they can make the decision for themselves legally.

Kids at this age being exposed to this type of sexuality is child abuse and grooming. They want to be a lot of things at this age. Firemen, fire trucks, robots, clowns, princes, princesses, ballerinas…and their minds change every minute.

Inundating them with questions about their specific type of genitalia, and exposing them to things like “tranny reading hour at the library,” like they started in New York a year ago, confuses young minds. The trannies look sparkly and pretty. What kid doesn’t like a balloon, a new toy, something fun? They are normalizing this behavior.
Looks fun! What kid doesn’t like to dress up and play make-believe???
There is something very wrong with California.

Perhaps teaching very young children about sex with the same gender gets them ready for their indoctrination into pedophilia in their later years. Yes, California schools are teaching pedophilia as a gender orientation as early as 9th grade…

Students in sex education classes are being taught how to use sex toys and given links to explicit internet sites. They are being taught about anal sex and bondage. How to get an abortion pill, or an abortion, how to use fruit if you don’t have money to buy a sex toy…you name it.

Are they being taught about love??

Probably not..

California WAKE UP. Your children are being absolutely destroyed.

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